Publicity Flows Like Water for the Zuckerberg Institute 

The Zuckerberg Institute for Water Research, in Israel’s Negev desert, focuses on desalination technologies, groundwater production, water quality and microbiology, as well as water resource economics and management.

Their researchers have projects and collaborations worldwide, mainly in arid and desert regions, as well as collaborations with a growing number of U.S. universities.

A. Lavin Communications works closely with the faculty to promote newsworthy research studies that interest global cleantech and general media. We transform highly technical studies and rewrite the salient points of dense, difficult papers into press releases distributed worldwide. We have organized and led U.S. journalist delegations to visit the Institute and report on their work.

We also help garner awareness for many of the conferences  and events at the Institute including prestigious United Nations Conferences. They  are attended by water researchers from around the world, including countries that don’t have diplomatic relations with Israel. 

As a result of our efforts, the Zuckerberg Institute has greatly enhanced its reputation worldwide for advanced water research and innovation.

Zuckerberg Institute researchers have been developing cutting-edge water technologies since the invention of desalination in the 1960s.