FROM D’s TO A’s!

Innovative GPS Technology Turns

Truants into Terrific Students 

The national high school dropout rate is 33 percent and higher in major cities.

The nonprofit, Attendance Improvement Management (AIM) and GuardTrax sought national publicity with a strategic communications effort to highlight their GPS truancy tracking program.

The GuardTrax device, originally developed to bust sleeping security guards, was adapted for students to carry, that reported their whereabouts if it wasn’t school. It replaced cumbersome, invasive ankle bracelets that  judges required truants to wear.

A. Lavin Communications focused on national reporters based in Dallas, the initial launch market and secured an exclusive with the New York Times to break nationally.

While we continued an aggressive earned media program to score other local and major market stories, ALC zeroed in on the national media outlets and secured major stories on, CBS Nightly News, Fox and Friends, and other major outlets.

Today, the program is thriving in Los Angeles, Houston,  Washington DC and other major markets.

“ALC generated significant national publicity and implemented a strategic program that performed way beyond our expectations.”

Mike Petty, V.P. Sales