Rising Above the Crowdfunding

The problem with the new smart home technologies is that they still aren’t very inteliigent.

Smart home speakers, refrigerators, light switches, baby monitors and music systems all connect using different methods and don’t talk to each other unless an expensive customized system makes it happen.

Tampa-based Atmos Smart Home Tech developed a more intelligent and less expensive system that connects hundreds of smart home devices via a tablet or Atmos mobile version that combines all devices on a single app.

In a matter of weeks, A. Lavin Communications’ publicity generated more than 1,200 preorder customers. Moreover, the Atmos crowdfunding program is almost fully subscribed, and an equity investor is close to completing seed round financing that will enable Atmos to move into production mode.

“As a small, crowdfunded startup, the brand publicity and counsel that A. Lavin Communications provides, at this very early stage, is exponentially beyond what we could have expected.” 

Mark Lyle, CEO