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The brand connection agency

Branding and positioning require a rigorous evaluation of a product, service, or identity.

Lavin Communications BrandConnect is a rigorous process which we customize and implement for our clients’ products, services, or organization identity. We enable businesses and organizations to better understand their customers as well as focus their messaging and strategy to have a greater communications impact.

Following this process, we embark on a long term communications program that includes thought leadership, sales communications, digital and social marketing, and media relations, of course.

With more clearly defined branding, earned and paid media efforts have more impact.

BrandConnect will:

  • Establish the competitive communications footprint
  • Conduct a SWOT analysis
  • Refine or revamp brand messaging, USP and marketing architecture
  • Provide logo development and ancillary collateral design
  • Develop and implement strategic brand messaging campaign  

Talk to us before you talk to media.

Lavin Communications has decades of experience preparing fearful executives, egotistical celebrities, and renowned researchers to succeed in online, broadcast and radio media interviews. We help clients effectively connect with the media through our proprietary media training program “MediaConnect.”

Just because you have something new to talk about – a product, a service, or an issue – doesn’t mean you know how to get your point across in media interviews.

Lavin Communications guarantees that MediaConnect will turn any executive or spokesperson into an effective brand advocate or industry expert. Whether you’re a tech CEO or genetic scientist that needs to communicate more simply, we can help.

Become the “go to” source that provides “quotable quotes” for publicity or thought leadership.

MediaGenics will empower participants to:

  • Understand reporters’ objectives, concerns, and deadlines
  • Excel at crafting and delivering key message points that get coverage
  • Prepare and manage difficult or hostile interviews and crises

What makes a leader?

You set standards and have a unique competitive perspective. And you have a vison of where your industry is headed and are delivering products and solutions to address that opportunity. Thought leadership is critical to your business communications. But you don’t have the time to write it down. And writing well is hard for most people.

Lavin Communications can think for you or draw out those flashes of brilliance. Those insights can and should be developed into content that reinforces your market position, and helps drive awareness.

VisionConnect will help.

  • Research, draft, and place bylined articles
  • Create and place Op-Eds
  • Craft a speaking platform program targeting ideal venues, securing opportunities, and developing materials
  • Repurpose content as news and social media information

No brand connection program should be without a robust, strategic social media program.

You won’t successfully grab hearts and minds if you’re not connecting with influencers, forming an emotional bond with consumers, and generating visibility for your products, opinions, and news.

Many of our clients don’t have the bandwidth, resources, or content to implement a dedicated social media effort critical to engaging audiences.

Let us help solve your social media issues.

Our social media team will:

  • Evaluate your current initiatives
  • Examine your competitors’ social media footprint
  • Create connections with key targets and audiences
  • Develop a social media matrix to target and maximize social media programs.